Monday, May 14, 2007

Buying Local Produce

Buying fresh mushrooms supports local farmers and the environment

Q. How are you supporting local farmers when you buy fresh mushrooms?

A. Fresh Mushrooms are one of the produce items in you supermarket that are always grown locally, even in the winter. Mushrooms are grown in indoor, controlled environments; therefore they can be produced year round, anywhere in Canada.

When you buy a package of mushrooms from the grocery store you are buying a local product and supporting the local farmers that brought you that product.
Now that is local support!

Q. How are locally grown mushrooms helping the environment?

A. It is not unusual for imported foods to travel thousands of kilometers before you pick it up in the grocery store. Now think of the impact on our environment from trucks shipping the food across the country, or from planes shipping them from overseas. The burn of fossil fuels adds to the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

According to the World Watch Institute, trucking or shipping food thousands of kilometres can burn up to 17 times more fossil fuel than if you were to buy locally.

The fresh mushrooms that you purchase in the grocery store are grown on farms as close as 80 kilometres.
Now that is helping the environment!!

So eat up your fresh mushrooms, you will do the environment and local mushroom farmers a world of good.

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